Relating across Rank/Rank and Status as Inhibitors

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Read the book: Title: Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling Author: E.H. Schein Publisher: Berrett-Kohler Edition/Year: /2013 ISBN-13: 978-1609949815

Your occupation is controller / office manager. What are the norms or rules within this occupation regarding how you relate to people in higher or lower status in the organization to you. The second part of this assignment is to think back over recent events in your life or existence in an organization where you acted inappropriately. Reconstruct what went wrong and identify where you went wrong and how you might have been able to take action to change the outcome. Finally reflect on your own learning and relearning process as related in the text. Give specific examples of opportunities to develop an attitude of Humble Inquiry. This should be 3 pages long.
The third part of this paper is “Rank and Status as Inhibitors”. A laudable goal for all would be to create an environment where status and rank will not be evident in the interactions of individuals in our personal and work environments. Reflect on how you would create such an environment in your world. Please include your ideas around the concept of ORJI in the text. Include the concept of inhibitors inside yourself which may make this a challenging project.(you may use your personal strengths in the context: harmony, adaptability, positivity, empathy, woo). This should be 2 pages long.

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