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• Write a 2-3-page reflective letter in which you explain your research process over the course of the semester and think critically about the conversion of your argument into a new form. Within this letter you should address the following:
o Give me some insight into how your research skills, critical thinking, and writing and approach to academic research have changed over the semester,
o Discuss how the different units in the course helped you to create a final project with several successful elements to it (or didn’t, if that is the case),
o Highlight what your particular (unique) contribution to your research conversation has been this semester, and maybe how you came to that contribution as your work developed,
o Highlight the work that you did this semester that you feel was particularly strong, and discuss why you feel that it was very strong and what you might have gained from having done it,
Discuss any moments this semester that you wish you could “do over,” and why, discussing what you would have done differently if you could have that chance.

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