Reflection Paper

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Unit Reflection Papers (5 papers x 30 points each = 150 points total)
At the end of each unit (Jan. 21, Feb. 11, Mar. 3, Mar. 31, & Apr. 14), you will be asked to reflect
on what you have learned. In these short “3-2-1 papers,” you will provide the following:
• 3 key terms of your choosing from the unit’s readings, with short definitions of each term (75-
100 words per term) (15 points total)
• 2 thoughtful questions you have in response to the unit (5 points)
o Good questions (4-5 points) illustrate understanding of broader themes across readings,
extend conversations started in class, and show a sophisticated grasp of concepts.
o Poor questions (0-3 points) are too broad, are unrelated to class discussions and readings,
and do not demonstrate nuanced understanding of concepts.
• 1 paragraph (250-300 words) of critical reflection on the readings and class discussion (10

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