Reading Response

Harold Innis died in 1952, long before the Internet existed. Yet many of his ideas about media and communications seem relevant to it. Discuss some ways that Innis’s concepts about media apply to the Internet. There is no ‘correct’ answer here. Feel free to include your own experience as well as other sources of evidence or insight. This is a brief essay intended to show your familiarity with the Innis sections of the course and readings.

Use APA citation style. This should like (Lastname, year) or for direct quotes (Lastname, year, p. #). These should come at the end of the sentence, before the period. For example: The opening line of Dickens classic novel is “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” (Dickens, 1859, p.1).


  • Write a creative title
  • Cite early and cite often
  • Short sentences add clarity
  • Only use direct quotes if necessary, paraphrasing is better
  • Avoid biographical information about Innis, focus on his ideas not his life.

I was looking for:

• grammar/punctuation/spelling/word choice

• organized thoughts I could follow: clarity, explicit and specific points, not meandering,  generalized points

–don’t make the reader infer!

• critical and creative thoughts on Innis

• your own thoughts and opinions

• connection to real world examples

• connection to Innis!

• The strongest papers were the ones that include debate and ideas from current  critics of media or cited sources from places other than just Innis, or just people  who wrote about Innis

• Citing people who analyzed Innis is a good approach/technique

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