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What is the lure of revolutionary movements in less developed countries? How successful have these movements been in tackling socio-economic inequalities in their societies?

There ought to be a clear, logical and informative structure to the essay or exam paper. It is at this point that the essay or paper begins to feel academic, as opposed to journalistic or fictive.
Firstly, there should be a proper Introduction consisting of 10-15% of the overall essay/paper. This part, as the name suggests, should introduce the subject matter, explain what it means, inform the reader how you plan to tackle and build your argument, and by what means (i.e. using what arguments or case studies). In essence, the Introduction should be a prelude, or a condensed version of what is to come in the main body of the essay/paper.
The main body: this is where the student’s description, arguments and case studies enter an arena fight. It starts by introducing the subject matter, any theories, definitions and guiding principles, to continue by employing case studies to illustrate one’s point of view, and ending by building a case through arguments. This part should consist of around 70-80% of the overall essay/paper.
Lastly, Conclusion should be a summary of what was said above. There is no need to introduce new ideas or illustrations. This part – around 10-15% of the overall text – should recap what was said above, emphasising the argument which concludes the text.

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