Raising the Smoking age in California

Order Description
I would like investigated the following as a main idea or very close to it:
• Why raising the minimum smoking/selling age to 21 in the state of California a good thing for our youth and as population over all.
Some other questions I would also like to address throughout the paper are:
• What is cover precisely cover by this new state legislations?
• What led to the proposal of said legislation?
• Does smoking tobacco make you have a higher probability of getting addicted to other drugs?
• Why these legislation should also apply to active duty military?

Please have a thesis statement and an outcome at the beginning of the paper.

Develop a credible ethos; appeal to pathos if and when is necessary of effective to do so; and wield logos effectively by providing clear claims, defensible reasoning and ample, specific, sufficient and relevant evidence from the sources provided along with observations, analysis and experience.

Please provide some quotes and most of the cited work from the academic journals attached. Also, provide 3 additional sources. I highlighted a specific part in one of the academic journals that I would like added in some form to the paper. Thank you very much.

I have attached a copy of these instructions in case is hard to read here. Once again thank you.

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