Questions And Answer

For each of the questions you choose to answer, you must respond using a minimum of 250–300 words. Your thoughtful criminal justice analysis will require each major point be supported by at least one peer-reviewed source published in the past 10 years and the integratation of relevant material from your textbook in every response. Clarity, spelling and grammar are evaluated. In-text citations and all sources are to be in current APA format. A Reference page must also be included at the end of the paper.

Respond to 3 questions of your choice from the following list:

  1. Identify and describe the significant procedural steps in the American criminal justice process that hold the most significance from the point of view of the prosecution? The defense?
  2. Identify and describe how the structure of the court system and the types of agencies in your state’s judicial system are alike and different from those found in the federal judicial system.
  3. Identify the three (3) most important challenges facing the criminal justice system in America in the next five (5) years. Describe why the challenges you have chosen should be of greatest concern to those working/seeking to work in the field of criminal justice.
  4. Describe how social media, body cameras and dash cameras are altering the safety and professionalism of criminal justice professionals.
  5. Using passages from both the Old Testament and New Testament, describe how the legal principles found in the Bible for seeking justice for the accused and victim, and security for the society are incorporated or neglected in the criminal justice system of America.
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