Write a character analysis based on one of these six films.

  • Philadelphia (1993)   
  • Barbershop (2002)
  • The Village (2004).
  • The Color Purple (1985)
  • Amélie (2001).
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002).

Please indicate which film you are discussing in the subject line of your post.

Answer the following questions about the characters in your narrative. Please concentrate on analyzing the character(s), rather than reiterating the plotline.

  1. Describe the specific assumptions or beliefs the characters have in the beginning of the film. Why do they hold these assumptions/beliefs?
  2. What do they learn about other people or about the world that challenges their long held beliefs? Describe an incident (or series of incidents) that causes a revelation to the character(s).
  3. How do the goals or desires of the characters change by the end of the film?
  4. In your view, describe the learning/reflective concept from the course readings that best represents the developmental process of a major character.
  5. Which character in the film did you most identify with (in terms of how his/her attitude or assumptions changed)? Why?

Topic: Mental Aging

Deliverable Length: 5–7 pages excluding cover page, abstract page, and reference page

John and Alice have been providing care for John’s 86-year-old father who has Alzheimer’s disease as well as hypertension and diabetes. Last week, John’s father wandered away, leading to several frantic and worrisome hours, until he was returned by the police. You have been called in to counsel the family regarding their father’s possible transition to a nursing facility. Discuss the following:

  • What factors may need to be considered when discussing this with the family?
  • What factors may need to be considered when discussing this with John’s father?
  • What challenges may be experienced by the family if they decide to retain care responsibility?
  • What service recommendations might be made?

Support your work with at least 5 academic or professional peer-reviewed sources published within the past 5 years.

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