What is a quasi-reorganization? Under what circumstances would it be applicable, and how is it accomplished? Provide sample journal entries for a quasi-reorganization, present two or more examples of quasi-reorganizations from real financial statements.

– It must be two pages exactly I will provide you with the format in the attachment and I will provide you two example memos he graded you can see his comments what hes looking for.
– I will attach Writing Rubric look at VERY GOOD Colum Please

KPMG Institutes
E&Y Thought Center (Ernst & Young)
Deloitte DBriefs
PwC Open University (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

You should use at least 7-10 resource and those really good website to include I highly recommend please use two of them
MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU HAVE TO DO MOST OF THE RESERCH based on http://www2.aaahq.org/ascLogin.cfm
Its ok to have 5-6 resources from this website he want us to focus on it

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