Public Relations in Integrated Marketing Communications

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You will structure your paper differently than an academic article. You should do the following:
o Discuss your career e.g., what is it? Discuss its history. Why do you want to pursue this career? o Explain the persuasion concepts/theories you’re using to illustrate your career choice.
o Integrate your career choice and the concepts/theories i.e., discuss how you plan to apply the
concepts/theories to your career choice and how your career choice will be enhanced by your
knowledge of the persuasion concepts/theories.
? Various parts of the paper will be written in the first person; however, the entire paper will be written in
a formal style

what persuasion techniques are used to help influence receivers: delivery of the message message incongruity, involvement, Attractiveness, if there is usage of the central and peripheral routes. The involvement of the persuasiva messages in changing modifying, reinforcing or sharing the attitude Beliefs, behaviors. And the usage of selective attention comprehension acceptance and retention

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