Public Health Informatics

Now that you have identified characteristics of a tailoring strategy and user-centered design and have implemented them in our website, describe the strategies you used in this report. Write a 2-4 page paper, describing at least two targeting and three tailoring methods that you implemented on your website, why those methods are proven effective, and how they relate to your target audience. This is an individual assignment with each person writing their own report and submitting it here. The font should be 12-point, Times New Roman, and double-spaced text.


This is an academic report to be written in the professional style of a research paper; therefore, it is not written like your website (e.g., reading level, images, bullets).  Be sure to use APA style (Links to an external site.) to cite supporting literature. (Note: there is a Microsoft Word document at that link that you can download to start your paper. You don’t need an Abstract page, though. So, you can delete it before beginning.)

Simply type your responses under each question below, save the file UNDER A NEW NAME so that you can easily locate it (and avoid accidentally uploading the blank assignment), and upload it by the deadline. Upload ONLY AS AN MS WORD FILE, a PDF, or Rich Text Format file (RTF). Note that I cannot type direct feedback on PDFs in Blackboard (though I can read them, so they are acceptable for assignment submission purposes) and any other file types not listed above are iffy. Blackboard does not support Mac Pages, so please save assignments as Word files, PDFs, or as RTF. Care in this matter is greatly appreciated. In some cases, these questions are intentionally ambiguous in nature. The goal here is to discover where you start when you think about The End.

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