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Within the NSW BOS Syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum, emphasis is placed on three Cross Curriculum Priorities (CCPs) being:
i. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
ii. Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia, and
iii. Sustainability.
For initial reading, consult the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority’s website, which details the Cross Curriculum Priorities. Information can be found at:
In order to complete this assignment you need to:

Section A: Lesson plan

Select one case study from the images/artefacts provided on vUWS in the Assignment 2 folder. The case study images/artefacts provide opportunities to develop concepts in a lesson around ONE of these
– Use this artefact/ images as stimulus to design a lesson plan for the class specified on the case
study (Note: DO NOT change the class assigned to the case study).
– Closely relate the lesson content to the theme (or themes) related to an appropriate CCP evidenced in the image/artefact.
– Include outcome/s and content descriptors from the HSIE Syllabus (NSW BOSTES, 2015) in the lesson plan.
– You MUST use the PP1 lesson plan template provided in the Assignment 2 folder on vUWSNote:
– Material relating to the image/artefact can be sourced from the web links provided in the Assignment 2 folder on vUWS.
– Images/artefacts provided are suited to History, Geography or Civics and Citizenship from the HSIE Syllabus. These resources will be open for access as the semester progresses.
– The web link accompanying each case is a launching pad for the subject matter in the image/artefact and ideas for your lesson.
– Research the subject matter in a little more detail as you develop your lesson ideas. Any additional resources that you use should be noted in the resources section of the lesson plan.

Section B: Report

Drawing on the selected case study image/artefact used in your lesson plan, write a 1500 word report responding to each of these subheadings:
– Introduction: Identify CCP that the image/artefact targets; and outline the focus of the CCP.
Discuss how the CCP in the Australian Curriculum is reticulated in the NSW BOSTES HSIE Syllabus.
– Justification: Provide at least three reasons (supported by readings) why this CCP is important for teaching in today’s classrooms;
– Application: Explain how the CCP has been addressed in the lesson plan (from Section A).
Support your work using scholarly references (at least three in addition to the set text).
Assessment criteria:
– Appropriate outcomes selected and a realistic lesson plan developed from content descriptors –all sections included.
– Innovative strategies providing engagement with the content (subject matter), theme (CCP) and resources throughout.
– Introduction clearly states the focus of the CCP and how it underpins concepts and content in HSIE.
– Justifies the importance of the CCP, giving three reasons, supported by academic readings.
– Presents work professionally, with clear academic writing; within the word limit; uses APA referencing style correctly, includes competently integrated evidence.

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