Power vs. Authority

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The research paper must be between 10-12 pages in length, not including the title page and references. The paper must be written in APA formatting. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed.
Your paper must contain at least five professional references and may include internet sources, books, and professional journals or resources related to the topic. Please do not reference Wikipedia or other non-reliable sources.

Please incorporate my proposal somewhere in my paper.

Anyone can exercise power in an organization to achieve desired outcomes, but what is the difference in Power and Authority? Authority is the formal right given to a manager to command and achieve the objectives of an organization. Managers gain authority from higher authorities. Power is the possession of authority, control or influence by which a person influences the action of others and also means different things to different people. There are different types of power which are Legitimate Power, Reward Power and Expert. There are different types of Authority which are Legal Authority, Traditional Authority and Charismatic Authority. As began to write my paper I will elaborate on each topic more in depth providing the difference in each category. You cannot be a leader without followers being prepared to accept your use of authority, but as a manager in an organization you can wield authority over any subordinate to you provided you have sufficient power.

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