Political science 102

During the course we have read a a textbook about China and India. I will provide a pictures of the book for the writer to use as a source. It is very important that the writer uses quotes directly from the book to back up the thesis and the arguments. This is an argumentative essay. I was given 2 topics that the writer can choose which one to write about (I would prefer if the writer chose the second question):

1. Analyze and evaluate the political institutions of India & China. Consider how India and China have met the challenges of development as discussed in the chapter on LDCs and NICs and in lecture.

2. India & China have made the transition from a less developed to rapidly developing economies, but took very different routes. What institutions did these two countries develop to make this transition? Have they been successful at balancing equality and liberty?

Throughout the essay please make sure you:
1. Know that this is a persuasive argument, therefore you need to have a clear argument
2. Have a clear/unified thesis
3. Use quotes/cite the sources
4. Correctly cite the quotes
5. Provide commentary after the quotes
6. Be able to provide evidence for your statements
7. Use transitions
8. Please use an MLA format
9. Also make sure the format makes the essay clear to understand and the reader knows exactly what their reading that what paragraph (I.e. possibly use subtitles or headings)

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