Political and Regulatory environment

Order Description
– The idea of the assessment is to find an article that demonstrates the impact the political and regulatory environment has on a certain company using the concepts learned in the lecture slides I have provided (first, second and third attached documents). Uber, De Beers, Tesla Motors, Shenhua, Crown, the Star, Pfizer are companies that cannot be used for the assignment, anything else is fair game. the article used must be after the January 1 2016.

– The article must be from the following newspapers: The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, ABC Radio, ABC News 24 TV, SkyNews Business News, The Economist, Bloomberg, BBC News, Financial Times, The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal

– the assignment has to be in the format provided in the attached scaffold (fourth uploaded document), the word limit can’t exceed 750 words or I will be penalised. However, when the reference list is added into the assignment it can be 1300 words plus 10%. In terms of referencing we have to use the one provided by the business school at my university (fifth document provided)

– the recommended word limit for each subheading is: Summary (60 words) Application of concepts (230) Analysis (280) CSR (180)

– sources have to be used quite abit in this assignment, 5 of these sources must be peer reviewed must be peer-reviewed

Descriptions of each subheading
– Summary is just merely a summary of the article, provide key features of the case

– The application of concepts part involves identifying the important/relevant political/regulatory concepts and showing their relevance to the business in the article by using the concepts outlined in the two lecture slides given (info is given in the first, second and third documents).

-In the analysis part you are arguing and evaluating the outlook for the company in the context of the political/regulatory environment. There should be a prediction of how the situation might develop and what this means for the outlook (this has to be clear) of the company and an analysis of the case, based on applications of the concepts (in the lecture slides) in an A/CA/R form.

-For the CSR component you are just discussing the corporate social responsibility actions that the company is taking and arguing whether they are creating positive or negative externalities on society. info on this part is provided in the lecture slide (sixth document uploaded). This part should focus on the centrality, specificity, proactivity, voluntarism and visibility of the firms CSR goals and include some of the theories provided in the lecture slides (sixth document)

-the application of concepts section discusses the theories outlined by the article. The analysis applies these theories to your article and firm

-the application of concepts and analysis sections have to be connected ie. The themes addressed in the application of concepts is translated to the analysis

– For both the Analysis and the CSR components you have to use something called A/CA/R as much as possible (this is explained in seventh uploaded document). this is basically just a way of forced structuring our paragraphs, where you present an argument (A), then refute it with a counterargument (CA) and then present a rebuttal to the counterargument to reinforce the original argument (R), we have to do it and it’s a pain. Application of concepts and summary don’t require this and should just be description.

– there is an attached example of a previous assignment, this is the same thing just based on the same concepts (eighth document uploaded).

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