Policy and Social Theory- Animal Protection

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Policy and Social Theory Assessment: Powerpoint Presentation/ Facilitation

Aim: The aim of the task is to provide students with an opportunity to facilitate class discussion on Animal Protection in Australia and how it can be applied to policy analysis.

Task: The facilitation/ powerpoint presentation will involve you starting off the tutorial with at least three observations about the theory/theorist(s) in question (animal protection in australia) and posing a couple of questions for discussion. You can also propose a structure for the tutorial and use policy issues as examples. The tutor will play a minor role in facilitating discussion but you will be expected to play a central role in the tutorial facilitation. You are required to email the tutor to let her/him know what their ideas are regarding the observations, questions and possible tutorial structure. At the end of tutorial, you will be expected to briefly sum-up the tutorial. Please remember that powerpoint presentation should not exceed 50 minutes altogether. Visual and innovative presentations will be considered for higher marks. The role of the presenter can also require facilitation of the class in open discussion.

Guidelines for marking of tutorial facilitation/powerpoint presentation: 1. Content (7.5%): a) Evidence of thorough reading (2.5%) b) Highlighted relevant issues (2.5%) c) Evaluated research and/or theoretical material (2.5%) 2. Presentation and Class involvement (7.5%): a) Addresses the question/topic designated (2.5%) b) Asked appropriate questions for group discussion (2.5%) c) Interesting and Stimulating (2.5%)

Facilitation/Powerpoint Topic: Animal Protection in Australia

The powerpoint slides should cover and answer all these questions

1. Does the rights concept only apply to humans?
2. If animals are entitled to rights what might those rights be?
3. What might enacted animal rights mean for human/nonhuman relations?
4. Could there be a better way to protect animals other than via recall to the rights principle?

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