1. When a bat uses echolocation to determine the distance to an insect, it sends out a sound wave and waits to see how long the sound takes to echo back. Suppose now that a bat hears its echo 0.1 second after it emitted the sound. If the speed of sound is 343 meters per second, how far away is the insect?

2. Let’s imagine we have two CBRs set up in a line to measure a moving cart situated between

them. Assume that both CBRs emit clicks at the same time, ? = 0. The two CBRs are separated by a distance ?, and the cart is a distance ? from the CBR 1, on the left. If each CBR clicks once simultaneously, how many sound pulses will CBR 1 record? What distance will CBR 1 record for each of those “echoes?”

If the CBR only clicks once, it should only record a single position even though in question 2 it is receiving two different sound pulses.

3. Imagine you are designing the software for CBR 1. Create a criteria that you would put into the CBR software to handle this situation. Note: it is not possible to build a criteria that will always make the CBR report the correct distance if you only have a single click from the device. Identify the location(s) of the car where your criteria would result in the CBR reporting the incorrect distance to the car.

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