Operation Security

Describe how you do or could use operations security in your current job.  Be sure to describe your job role (or desired job role).  Your goal in completing this assignment is to demonstrate how you can apply what you learned to real situations in the workplace.

Child Abuse And Maltreatment Is Not Limited To A Particular Age And Can Occur In The Infant, Toddler, Preschool, And School-Age Years. Choose One Of The Four Age Groups (Infant, Toddler, Preschool, Or School Age) And Discuss The Types Of Abuse That Are

Research And Discuss Dualistic Fallacy As It Relates To Research Design.

Please provide a response to the following questions:

1. Identify two to three stakeholders  Army Corps of Engineers is associated with. How do they assist in supporting the mission of your organization from an emergency management perspective?

2. Describe at least two risk reduction strategies used in your organization.

3. What does organizational resiliency mean to your organization?

4. List four steps in risk assessment. What risk assessment model is used by your organization?

Your response is based on my organization which is the Army Corps of Engineers.

2 pages double space, 12 fonts, in-text citation, references

Read chapters 12-21 and answer the following questions:

  1. Chapter 12 is a difficult chapter to read because of Maya’s rape. What feelings does 8-year-old Maya experience during and after the rape?
  2. Why does Maya become mute? Why does her mother send her and Bailey back to Stamps?
  3. Maya describes Stamps as follows: “The barrenness of Stamps was exactly what I wanted, without will or consciousness. […] Into this cocoon I crept” (89). Explain what Stamps represents at that point that St. Louis could not be for her.
  4. In chapter 15, Angelou relates how she got out of muteness and her relationship with Mrs. Flowers. How did Mrs. Flowers help her? The chapter ends with Momma giving Maya a beating for the words she said. Why did it happen and in what way is it ironic?
  5. Choose a passage that you thought was particularly well written or spoke to you and explain why you chose this passage.
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