An essay about the “OccupyGezi” movement in Turkey which took place a year ago. Specifically it should be about the organization strategies of this movement including recruitment, leadership, organization etc. The name of the class I am taking right now is “Fighting the State”.

The course description is:

“This course critically examines how opposition groups challenge the state. Challenges
come in many forms; we will focus on three tactics ñ protest, civil war and terrorism. At the end of the course, students will understand how resource constraints, collective action and armed capabilities dictate an opposition groupís tactics. The course provides a comprehensive examination of confrontation between the state and non-state actors.”

What my TA wants from me exactly is:
Your last assignment is a group project/paper. I will assign the groups the day after the drop deadline so that thereís not confusion in case some students drop the course. Your group must select a political, social or economic ëcauseí to organize an opposition campaign around; the project and paper should discuss appropriate topics covered in the course material and assigned readings and should answer questions such as, but not exclusively, who is your audience, why are they your audience, why do you think a challenge to the state can be organized around the ëcause,í how will you mobilize people, what strategy or tactics would work best?

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