Obtaining Evidence to Prevent terrorist crimes

Paper is to be on Obtaining Evidence To Prevent Terrorist Crimes in the USA needs to hit on issues like help from citizens, informants and undercover agents, the USA Patriot Act, and Financing Terrorism.Use the instructions below to write a research paper on Obtaining Evidence to Prevent terrorist crimes in the USA Research an article concerning the assigned topic. This article MUST be from an academic journal. NO NEWSPAPER or MAGAZINE articles will be acceptable. Do not pick the first article you see, select one that interests you the most. Submit the article with the paper. Use the guide and your paper should be great! Remember, you must only use an article from an academic journal. Part 1. 10 points Include and/or address the following: -Author and title of article, -The name of the Journal you found it in -Is the article a study, position paper, new information, or persuasion paper? -Summarize the paper. -Describe the main idea of the article and why you think it was written. -How does the article end, what is the conclusion? Part 2. 10 points Identify 3 things you learned or discovered from reading the article and how could benefit you in your career. Be thorough, I am looking for content, not simple answers. Base your answers on information from the article. Simply saying “ I learned ——–” is not enough.Career would be in Law enforcement Part 3. 10 points Develop 3 questions you would ask the author about this article if he or she were here in class and explain why you asked that question. In other words, defend your question as the best one to ask. Again, I need content here, not a simple answers like “this would be very useful.” Part 4 . 5 points Tell me 2 ways you would have written this article differently. How could you do it better? Part 5. 10 points Relate the information in this article back to what you learned in class in 5 different ways. Describe how what you read about is connected to what you learned this semester. This section should be at least 2 pages or so. Grammar and editing. 5 points Paper should be 3 or more full pages long. It can be longer if you need, never shorter. Any format, 12 pt font, double spaced, 1 inch margins, include title and reference pageless

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