If You Are The Nutrition Coach: please write your answer with your own words for each question, what do you think about each scenario, give us your opinion and your advice.

1-Nutrients: Ingestion to Energy Metabolism
Bioenergetically speaking, is Kay on the right track with her thinking? What energy system does an athlete running an 800-meter event rely on for energy? Is a diet of energy-dense fats really better for Kay’s event? How would you explain to Kay why she should or should not follow this new diet?

2- Carbohydrates
What are the possible causes of Meggan’s earlier-than-usual fatigue? What dietary suggestions might you give to Meggan to get her back to peak sport performance?

What nutrition recommendations would you give Shelley in regard to fat intake to address both her physical and dietary needs over the next 12 months as she trains for the swim? Include suggestions for fat intake before, during, and after the actual Channel swim.

Is Jamar getting enough dietary protein to achieve his goals? What are the recommended guidelines for protein intake for an athlete wanting to gain weight? Is it detrimental to consume a diet containing too much protein?

What questions should you ask Roger about his typical daily diet? What recommendations do you have for Roger to improve his dietary intake of vitamins and his energy intake? How can you help Roger meet these recommendations?

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