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5 Paragraph Descriptive Essay
Use 5 senses and under line when describing a sense.
The word not the whole sentence.

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First Vehicle — 92 Geo Storm Teal Green, 5 speed, tinted windows and sound system bought in 1994

A family holiday- — open Note: my mom died March 6, 2016 so please don’t use her to tell the essay, my aunt Ruby, Uncle Jimmy, Cousin Wendy and Chad, Sister Deva and husband Will, my brother Bob and wife Liz

Must be 5 paragraphs and 5 sentences to be considered as a paragraph, double spaced, and using all 5 of your senses, when describing or using a sentence with one in it underline the word but not the whole sentence. This Paper is due next Wednesday. If use the one with the car she said don’t have to use taste.

I. We all have that dream car we would just about do anything to make that dream come true. Well as a teenager all I wanted was a teal green geo storm. When I graduated in 1994, I got one. It was so pretty and I loved it, and it was my baby. A 92’ teal green Geo Storm, 5 speed, with my name on each window “Jamie” in teal green with tinted windows and a sound system that would rattle the windows,
II. 1. Teal green has always been my favorite color. Teal is not too dark and not too light. It shimmers and shines just the right amount of color. The year 1992 was the newest model I could find and afford it in addition to being the last year they made it. It was the best car I have ever had to this day. It was a 5 speed, which I had no clue how to drive when I bought it so I had to learn fast if I was wanting to drive it to school the following week
III. 2. It looked so good with dark tinted windows and my name in teal green on the driver’s side and the passenger side. Even with it being a 92 it still had a new car scent to it. _The paint felt so smooth running under the palm of my hand. When I sat down it the driver’s seat, I felt like I look so hot.
IV. 3. What teenager don’t like loud music. I was no different. I loved to just get my car and drive. When I was upset, mad, needing to clear my head and think. I would turn the volume up so loud, I could feel the base vibrate in my chest. .
Conclusion: Write whatever you want to just as long as it ties up the essay of the paper.

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