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There are one short videos, and answer some simple questions. Do not need to write too much details for each questions, just use simple and easy words as you can.

1 Describe the structure of a theme and variation form.

2 How does Copland alter the melody in the second variation?

3 Why do you think Copland chose to use a Shaker tune in his ballet and suite?

4 Listeners often find that Copland’s music has a distinctly “American” sound. Do you agree with this assessment? If you agree, what are you specifically hearing in the music that makes it sound particularly “American”? If you do not agree, what IS “American” to you, and what do you find Copland’s musical quality gives off instead?

Business & Finance

Essay: Explain the similarities and differences between public relations and propaganda.

500 words, Double Spaced, Times New Roman 12 font, please check spelling and grammar


Unit III Essay For this essay, you will continue differentiating between the various categories of mental illness. You can pick either a psychotic disorder or a mood disorder discussed in Chapter 5 or Chapter 6 of the textbook. Imagine you work in the criminal justice field, and you are responsible for training your department in either psychotic disorders or mood disorders. You are to create a handout containing information on the disorder, which should include the following:  symptoms and onset,  different disorders within that category and how they are different from each other,  suggestions on working with these disorders in the field, and  prevalence rate. Think about what you would find useful and what could help fellow practitioners. Use APA in-text citations for any statistics/figures. The handout should be a minimum of one page, not including the reference page.

Reference: Schug, R., & Fradella, H. (2015). Mental illness and crime. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

The Mood disorder I pick is: Bipolar I Disorder

Please do my APA right, APA is important. APA

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