Module 4 – Written Assignment

For this assignment, you will write a 2-page compare and contrast paper on two of the authors  Happy Endings by Margaret Atwood,

and Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri . Be sure to give equal weight to each author. You may include some background information on your authors, especially if their backgrounds impacted their subject matter. When writing about short stories, you do not want to simply restate the plot or events in the story, but instead, focus on the details of how each author handled the theme of the story. In this case, you might want to examine how the author explored gender roles in the time period of the story. Remember, this may not be in the same period as the author is writing but could be a different period in history.

Ideas to consider when comparing and contrasting (these are not required, just suggested):

  • Do both stories reflect the same theme? If not, what is the theme of each story?
  • What are the characters’ conflicts? How does each character resolve that conflict or do they?
  • Are there any epiphanies? (An epiphany is where the character changes as a result of the conflict)
  • What about symbolism? Are any major symbols or metaphorical images used?

Use quotes and lines from the work to illustrate your points with in-text citations as needed.  APA format

Write a two page case study summary on Lessons We Don’t Learn. See the attached PDF. Use the same format you did previous for Week 2. Please format my case study summary using the attached example. This is how I want it for the remaining course.

In Module One, you reviewed the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership as presented in your textbook. In Modules Two and Three, you spent time becoming more familiar with the first two practices: Model the Way and Inspire a Shared Vision. Think about your leadership skills. Specifically, think about the areas of improvement you listed in your leadership development action plan in Module One. Using the information in your leadership development action plan, address the following:  Identify the three leadership areas you selected in Module One and analyze how the Model the Way and Inspire a Shared Vision practices will improve the leadership areas you selected.  Select one leadership theory or approach you reviewed in Modules Two and Three and analyze how it will help you with the three leadership areas you selected.

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