MN2117 Stock Market Analysis & Equity Valuation

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, the essay questions are below. pick one. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require lecture slides or if you need any other information. I would also like a plagiarism report at the end.

The participants are expected to choose ONE of the following essay topics:

Topic 1
Select a company from a non-financial sector and analyse it using the methods covered in this module.

Topic 2
In light of the existing evidence, critically analyse the validity of the strong form of the Efficient Market Hypothesis.

Topic 3
In 1966, a Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson wrote in his Newsweek column that: “Wall Street indexes predicted nine out of the last five recessions.”
Describe and assess the relationship between stock market prices and macroeconomic variables.

There is a 2,000 word limit. Submission of the essay can be done via Blackboard. If your essay includes a quantitative component, you will also have to submit a CD (or memory stick) with source data and calculations in an Excel format to the Full Time Office.

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