Michael Brown

: 6+ pages. 10-12 well used quotes and at least 6-8 different sources, all of them shorter opinion pieces. MLA formatted with a works cited page. Keep in mind that one of your best sources will be Sergeant Antonio Puente (Rightwing cop from the Hayward Police Department who will be visiting the class on 4/20. He will explain the events in Ferguson from the Policing point of view, and also discuss what the police have learned from the Black Lives Matter movement. This interview can be used in the final part of your essay.

Focus: Your research can be done fairly easily with a date limited search in Lexis Nexis and/or Ebscohost. If you want to use Google, it also has a date limitation option. Just remember your focus: How people on the far left and far right argued over the tragic evens in Ferguson.

Your essay will be an exploration of opinion, first, and then after lying out the opinions of both sides, pivot to a discussion of how both sides have something to learn from each other.

More Quotes: Pick 5-6 robust quotes from the articles

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