Method of reading

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Assessment Checklist: ( i will upload topic file in my account)
You should:
1) Choose one of the two topics listed below.
2) Engage with relevant themes and ideas from the lectures and tutorial
3) Cite your sources by employing either Harvard, MLA, or Chicago
documentation style. Additional research, beyond the relevant chapters from
Bennett and Royle, is not required but optional. If you do undertake additional
research, this could include further readings from the “Readings and
Resources” section of vUWS or scholarly research of your own. If you quote
from a lecture verbatim or paraphrase substantial passages from a lecture,
then you must cite it.
4) Organize the analysis around a central argument or “thesis” and provide
textual evidence to support its claims.
5) Employ an appropriate writing style with minimal spelling, grammatical, or
other errors.
6) Include a completed assignment cover sheet.

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