Mental Health (drug induced psychosis and recovery)

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Details of task: Experiencing a mental illness and the personal recovery can be a unique and an isolating journey.

Essay Question

As a Mental Health Nurse (MHN) working in the acute adult mental health hospital setting, (use recent peer reviewed evidenced based literature to) critique and argue the recovery strategies that the Mental Health Nurse (MHN) would implement with Ben who is a compulsory client under the Victorian Mental Health Act (2014) while recovering from a drug induced psychosis.

Argue and critique whether the strategies are good or bad in relation to Ben
• Word limit: 1650 words
• Value: 30 %
• Use 12 point Times New Roman single
• Minimum 12 references, within 7 years of
2015, in APA
• No Introduction or conclusion needed!
• Can use books, the majority need to be
peer reviewed articles

The book we use:
Mental Health Nursing: Dimensions of Praxis second edition edited by Karen-Leigh Edward, Ian Munro, Anthony Welch and Alan Robins.
(Ian Munro is my tutor and lecturer)
Chapter 5: Recovery
Chapter 9: Psychosis
Chapter 12: Substance misuse

-Chapters 5 & 12 have been advised to read by the lecturers to understand recovery and use it to critique the literature. The chapters also contain references we can use, however, we also marked on finding our own references
-Chapter 9 is to understand psychosis and the symptoms

I can, if need be, scan the pages for the writer’s reference. Please advise if he/she wishes this.
Some of the points we need to discuss in the essay:

Read the peer reviewed evidence based literature first about the recovery process and strategies and then critique it based upon the readings

a drug induced psychosis does not equate to schizophrenia..there are many similar symptoms that the client may display so discuss them accordingly..

Recommending various therapies as a MHN or even undertake them yourself with the client…e.g.relaxation technique, meditation

Medication is one of the strategies nurses will use, monitor and review with the prescribing Psychiatrist

Discuss both acute in patient and upon discharge as well…the recovery process is ongoing after discharge too.

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