Men Who Dance the Giglio

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Assignment 5 — due before class Tuesday 5/3!
Complete watching the films “Moveable Feast” (,230)
“Men Who Dance the Giglio” (,146)

Read ALL of the written materials associated with the films (hot links in left column on folkstreams website) and write a (minimum) 600-900 word essay using the following headings:
1.Cultural group — “Who are they?”
Identify the cultural groups portrayed in the film. Be as specific as possible about the details and say who they say they are and how outsiders view them (the etic view), both in terms of their geographic location AND the time frame or frames that you are focusing on. Compare all of the different groups represented in both films (cities, countries, neighborhoods, and geographic setting).

Talk about the “cultural” divisions or groupings (e.g., age, gender, class, etc.) within and among the people you are writing about. Say who the other cultural groups are (both seen and unseen!) who interact with the group you see in the film. What are some reflexive impacts or interactions between any of these groups?
3.Metacontextual considerations
Discuss the various viewpoints and agendas as well as the larger implications of the film — is their any global significance to what we see in this cultural group. Find out who the filmmakers are and what audiences the film was made for. Consider the limitations of what can be known about the cultures in the film and, based on the information you have at hand, say what may have been left out.
Define (using a quote from an appropriate anthropological source and your paraphrase) and discuss a minimum of the five most relevant terms from your textbook (i.e., “reciprocity,” etc.) and also other important concepts and methods including “reflexivity” and “participant-observation.” Make a separate paragraph and subhead for each term/concept and explicitly say how and why these terms are relevant to the discussion. Be careful to make good choices of terms and defend why you chose these words specifically. You will be graded on both the relevance and your demonstrated understanding of the terms!
5.Barrel Model Analysis
Make a separate paragraph and subhead for each level of the barrel model and discuss at least one aspect of the culture for each level (including environment, infrastructure, social structure, and superstructure). Define (and expand as discussed in class) each level of the model!
6.Functional Analysis
Build on your Barrel Model Analysis to discuss the concept of “Functionalism” as it applies to cultural practices of the group or groups portrayed in this film. Make a separate paragraph and subhead for each functional “need” and discuss these functions in comparison or relation to other groups and your own culture — say what “needs” (biological, instrumental, and integrative) are satisfied by various cultural practices seen in the source materials. Define (and expand as discussed in class) each function! Be sure to relate each level of need to its corresponding level on the barrel model. How does this culture compare to others in terms of how well people’s needs are met?
Number the elements and use the same headings as they appear in these instructions. For each heading, give complete answers (that include the questions) in the form of a coherent statement. Use short declarative sentences, proofread your work, and read your work out loud.

Refer to specific examples (not vague generalities) of what you actually see in the films and/or read in the associated written materials.
YOU MUST CITE the written materials (see the film transcript, etc.) that are associated with the film on Folkstreams!

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