Men and women have very different health outcomes. How do gender roles impact on men’s and women’s health and wellbeing in Australia?

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All information should be sourced from reliable and reputable sources. eg. you should avoid using online sources (except for sources such as World Health Organization or similar reputable government or NGO sources). You need to use AT LEAST five scholarly sources in your essay. It is recommended that you use the Journal of Public Health for much of your research, although other journals would be appropriate depending on which essay topic you choose. You must follow Harvard referencing conventions.

This is a critical essay meaning that you must engage critically with the literature and provide an argumentative response to the question.
Your essay should be structured in accordance with essay conventions:
1. An introduction in which you provide a thesis statement (ie. a statement of what you will be saying throughout the essay that answers the essay question)
2. A body in which you provide evidence and examples that support your arguments
3. A conclusion in which you sum up the points made

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