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The assessment for this module is designed to test your knowledge of media law and journalistic ethics.

For the law section of the second assessment, you need to find a recent (in the last nine months) case or legal issue and then write 500 words putting it into a legal context. Your answer needs to include some comment on the relevant law and must not just be a rehash of the article.

The report must have some relevance to UK law – at the end of the day you are studying UK media law – if you want to talk about a report of a case from outside the UK – I need to see some comparative analysis. It would probably be easier to stay within the UK although obviously it might be reported through the internet emanating from anywhere.

You can use a local or national paper or website and you MUST include the actual newspaper cutting / print out of the on line report when you submit your assignment. Failure to do so will mean you fail the assignment
The law element must be submitted with your name / student number on the header.

Some ideas to be thinking about:

Super injunctions
Contempt of court
Court reporting
Protection of sources
Press Regulation

You need to have your idea approved by me and so you need to have chosen your story ready for your seminar on 30th November. We will use the seminar session to approve your topic and to consider the legal issues.

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