: Media effect

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For this paper you will analyze a media topic of your choice—for example, violence in movies; fear- mongering political ads; minority portrayals; bias in news reporting; social media use; almost anything goes. This is what you will do:
-? Start with describing your media topic
-? Then describe expected effects: what do the media that you chose have an effect on?
-? Next take a position: Commit in writing whether you think the effects of your chosen media on your
chosen effect variable are (1) positive or negative, and (2) weak or strong
-? In the rest of the paper you support your position. You must draw on what you have learned
during the semester. Your argument in support of your position must explain in detail at least one media effects theory that we will have discussed in class. In supporting your position you must use citations (both in-class lectures and 2 external sources). All sources used for the paper must be cited in the body of the paper and be listed in a formal reference list at the end of the paper.

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