Managerial Economics

This assignment is an individual-specific assessment of the industry in which you currently work or of the industry in which you intend to work after completing your MBA.  This assessment should follow Porter’s Five Forces ( High barriers to entry • Low buyer power • Low supplier power • Low threat from substitutes • Low levels of rivalry between existing firms • (Cooperation from complementary products) )approach and include discussions of each of the force categories for your particular industry.   you should submit a brief document that addresses the following issues:

  1. Brief description of your current or intended industry
  2. Evaluation of the Five Forces for this industry
  3. Concluding remarks that summarize your findings and identify any disadvantages of applying Porter’s approach to your industry (aside from cooperative efforts and other drawbacks already identified in our textbook)


Social Science.

Need 3 paragraph minimum with in text references.

See Case of Claudia attachment. 

Post an explanation of ways play therapy might be beneficial for Claudia. Using the insights gained from the articles, describe ways you might have worked with Claudia to address her fears and anxiety related to the mugging she witnessed.

Question 2

Need 3 paragraph minimum with in text references.

Post your explanation why transference and countertransference are so common when working with children. Then, identify some strategies you might use to address both transference and countertransference in your work with children.

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