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This is asked to image they are a senior member of the human resource management function in McDonald, and each of you have been asked to individually investigate best practice in human resource management in the areas of managing high perofrmers or under performers with a particular focus on performance management, human resource development and reward management.

MacDonald hired a 31 year old and one month after they were appointed, their manager seeks your advice regarding what to do about them.

their situation is that ‘High performer’. The new employee is clearly bored, not feeling challenged and indicating they might start looking for another job. The manager believes the employee could make an important contribution to the organization so is seeking your advice about how to engage them and retain them.
Also, you need to write the following
1. What are the features of best practice in performance management?
2. How the human resource development (HRD) function should integrate with the performance management function?
3. What the specific issues surrounding the management of ‘high performers’ are that need to be taken into account in an effective performance management system and HRD function in the case study organization?
4. How the case study organization’s reward management strategy might fit into the solution you offer and why?
5. How in theory should the case study organization’s human resource management practices (HRD, performance and reward management) support the firm’s corporate strategies?
It must use minimum of 6 peer reviewed journal articles and two scholarly texts including the Unit text.

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