Making a Persuasive Case for Employment

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Making a Persuasive Case for Employment
Persuasion can also be applied in the job search process. Essentially, we are presenting ourselves and our qualifications to prospective employers, and persuading them to give us a job. Some companies require applicants to submit supporting documents along with their applications. One such document is a personal statement. This is different from a cover letter, which is normally restricted to a single page. The personal statement may be longer; in it, you present your abilities and persuade your prospective employee that you are qualified for the job. (Note: We will write a cover letter in Module 4).
Refer to the job opening you identified in SLP 1. Using the job description, write a personal statement (about 2 pages long). Your statement should be professionally prepared and lay out your strengths for the job. Please ensure that the contents match the job description for the job you identified in SLP 1.
NOTE: This is the job description that I used in SLP1.

Family Law Paralegal
About the Job
Job Description:
We have a law firm in the downtown Orlando area looking for a Family Law Paralegal. This person needs to have 3-5 years of experience working for a firm. At this point, they don’t want to see candidates without experience at this point. Great case management skills, great admin skills, organizations skills, time management, and someone who is a team player. The firm offers excellent benefits and a great working environment. Please send a resume for immediate consideration. We are an equal employment opportunity employer and will consider all qualified candidates without regard to disability or protected veteran status. You can view all of our jobs online at (Job Reference Code: 11452.1153.LA1070.1030298*)

SLP Assignment Expectations
Your personal statement is a statement that promotes yourself. It should not contain any salutation, unlike a letter, as it will be an attachment. No citations are needed for the statement.
Following the statement, submit an essay discussing the approach you took. Please be sure to use references, which may include the assigned readings, to support your discussion. Formal citations are required, along with a formal bibliography. The summary is to be prepared as an academic essay. Content should be clearly presented with a logical flow.
SLP General Expectations
For the SLP, you are expected to assume the role of a job seeker. You are to identify a job that interests you in Module 1. The SLPs will take you through the job search and application process, presenting you in different scenarios requiring you to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively and professionally.
Formal citations and a bibliography are required unless otherwise stated.
NOTE: Please use
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NOTE: Please use 1 1/2 page for the personal statement and 1 1/2 page for the essay.

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