Make-Up Assignment


Students: You are instructed to write a paper on one of the following three collective bargaining disputes:
1. Vale v. USW Local 6500 (Sudbury)
2. Falconbridge v. CAW/Mine Mill Local 598
3. Winnipeg General Strike
After choosing one of the three choices listed above, you are asked to write a paper of 3 pages length double spaced. Please do not write a summary of what happened, rather write a thoughtful paper on the dispute you choose to write about
You are asked to choose a position (management or union) and explain why you chose that position. Explain what issues from negotiations were unresolved and why they were so important to each party that it lead them to go on strike/lockout. Feel free to discuss and/or give your opinion on what each side could’ve done differently or explain how disputes like these can happen from collective bargaining, using your in-class experience.

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