Major essay assessment about Ethical Communication And Citizenship

that answers ONE of the following three questions

1. Using the case study of the Fukushima nuclear power station incident, discuss what may happen to mainstream ‘PR’ in a risk society and the problems that arise when fixed assumptions are used to predict the behaviour of target publics. Use Beck’s theories and one other in the unit to argue your case.

2. “The Cash for Comment scandal could be understood as a story about the decline in the relevance of ethical standards for media practice in Australia” (Turner, G., 2001 Ethics, Entertainment and the Tabloid, Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 349-57). Use Turner’s article and the communicative theories of Habermas to discuss why the role of public relations is sometimes controversial in contemporary society.

3. “A commitment to corporate citizenship defines not only a moral basis for management practice but also a dedication to creating stronger ties between people and the larger communities to which they belong” (Birch & Glazebrook 2000, p.44). Investigate the role and relationship of CSR (the company) to the principles of corporate citizenship drawing on concepts of community and engagement and the resources around the WRATD case-study.

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