Use APA style subheadings, double spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins, page numbering, logical flow from topic to topic, information/quotes should be relevent, can be from textbooks, the web or scientific journals and thoughtfully placed.

I believe the department intentionally set up this assignment to be broad. As a student, you should consider the following:
Begin by explaining the term “loneliness” in a social psychology perspective and then narrow down a little within that topic.

2. Make sure to come up with one or two theses/hypotheses since that will provide depth and flow (otherwise, it might end up being just a broad rambling that is too descriptive and doesn’t get too many points:)

3. Make sure that it contains a lot of psychological research from peer-reviewed journals (best bet is find them in our library).

4. Make sure that it focuses on *social* psych

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