list of mistakes

APA format
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I have some mistakes in my references. I tried to correct them but I am not sure about it. Can you make editing for them? I need all of them in APA format

list of mistakes:
1.The last item in my last email is still not fixed. Entries 22-26 and 28-30 still do not match the other entries. For all of them, remove the periods after the authors’ initials because none of the other entries have them. Also, the issue numbers are supposed to have colons after them, not commas. There are also some corrections needed for individual entries that I will list below.
2.. Entries 22 and 23 have no page numbers.

3. In entry 24, the title needs to be in sentence case. Also, you seem to have listed the journal title twice, first as an abbreviated one and then as a full title.

4.Entry 29 has an extra period at the beginning. Also, it doesn’t seem to have any publication information.

5. Entry 30 also seems to have the title listed twice in two different formats.

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