“life” and culture

1.Write an MLA documented essay that explains the distinction between “life” and culture” as presented by Peter Marin. Are there qualities or aspects that make up culture which can easily be defined as American or as Western?
2.According to Peter Marin, America’s claims that it is a “melting pot” are not quite accurate. How do the perspectives of people such as Jack Shaheen, Elizabeth Wong, Richard Rodriguez, or Zora Neale Hurston shape American culture in either a beneficial or detrimental way?

•All essays must follow MLA formatting guidelines as listed in your handbook. An example essay can be found on p 149 of The Tiger Guide to Writing. This will give you an idea of what is expected regarding the format that should be followed when setting up your essay. Other good resources for learning MLA formatting include Purdue OWL online and the Chattanooga State library homepage.
•All essays must be double spaced and use standard 12 pt font.
•All essays should be written in third person academic voice. Do not use first person (I) or second person (you).
•All essays should be saved with your name and the assignment number as the file name.
•All essays must be in .rtf or .docx format. Essays that cannot be opened cannot be graded.
•All essays must use proper MLA in-text citations, include a Works Cited page, and follow all guidelines of the assignment in order to receive a passing grade.

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