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I want answer this question and I want the answer AS essay this question related with human recourse subjects ( leaderships) and I want follow like WHAT I write below
QUESTION : Organisational success, in multi-national companies is dependent upon effective and appropriate leadership. List three different leadership styles and critically evaluate their difference. I WANT WRITE ABOUT( ADKAR MODEL , 8 STAGR MODEL,MANAGING TRANSITION BY WILLIAM BRIDGES) The importance of effective leadership to organisations cannot be overstated. Analyse the competences and skills that are required to deliver the role to a high standard.
• I want write essay included ( short introduction , explain the define the concepts you are discussing whether that be leadership, Draw on theory in your answer (take note of specific instructions regarding, for example, the number of theories to refer to, Use any examples (from texts or knowledge) that you have to help explain points/reinforce where asked for or where they help you explain something, Look carefully at what the question is asking you to do, e.g. explain, compare and contrast, critically evaluate, discuss, Critique theories (highlight gaps, weaknesses, assumptions in theories) – draw on other theory/evidence to support what you are saying, and where you have organisational examples from companies, include this (just a sentence or two).and then Discussion which included theoretical and evidence ) and at last conclusion.
• If the questions asks for instance to what extent does, or how well does X theory explain, it requires you to ultimately come to a conclusion and state an opinion
(SHORT INTRODUCTION A) which included define concepts and stardust the essay
DISCOSSION) Included theoretical and evidence)
Points to consider
• Have a definition of leadership
• Ensure that you are aware of different leadership styles
• Ensure that you are aware of the skills/competencies leaders and managers need:
• Think about the situational factors that influence the leadership/management style that is most appropriate
Think about the appropriateness of the various theories to the contemporary workplace (e.g. MNE’s and large organisations) – different contexts (national, sectoral cultures; dynamic/stable); different levels of staff; is one leader at the help enough
• Remember that situational leadership theory suggests that different styles are needed depending on the situation (e.g. task, leader, worker)
• Transformational leadership is a leadership styles, as are well as the styles outlined by other writers
International human resource management – Peter Dowling, Marion Festing, Allen D. Engle 2013
International human resource management – Dennis R. Briscoe, Randall S. Schuler, Lisbeth M. Claus 2008
Leading, managing and developing people 2013
Leadershop: theory and practice – Peter Guy Northouse 2016
The theory and practice of change management – John Hayes 2014
Managing human resources: human resource management in transition – Stephen Bach, Martin R. Edwards c2013

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