The role assigned – Erin Juarez- Director of Human Resources Her profile: Erin joined Better Health of Ohio 8 years ago. As Director of Human Resources she is responsible for the day-to-day administration of HR services and policies, as well as assisting with hiring management. Prior to BHO, Erin was a benefits administrator at Columbus State Community College, where she also completed her A.S. in Human Resources Management. As an HR director, Erin is a patient, thoughtful resource, and is accustomed to negotiating workplace conflicts and providing confidential guidance and support to each member of the staff. b. review The mission – To improve the well-being of individuals through health education, counseling and detection screening programs. The vision – To be the premier provider of state-of-the art health services in the greater central Ohio region. The strategic goals – The following, department specific goals have been identified by the Board of Trustees for the continuation of the organization program expansions to reach and service more or the organization’s target populations. This is broken down by agency position. Director of Human Resources: • Secure interns to support the director’s goals by program and event. • Recruit and train agency volunteers to ensure the expansion of agency and director strategic/tactical goals. • Oversee all aspects of the hiring of any new staff person necessary for the success of agency goals. Includes: advertising, recruiting, screening and providing overall acclimation to the agency..

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