law essay

Write an essay 1,200 words with 10 references Harvard style

Essay title: Explain and analyse the need for business legislation and case law and evaluate the impacts of these laws on organisations in the UK

AC1.1 Explain the legal structure, civil and criminal.

Introduction: :

· Definition of business law

· Definition of case law

· What I’m going to include in the essay

Then you have to explain and analyse the need for business legislation and case law.

· Why we need them ? (Explain and Analyse)

Evaluate the impact of (health&safety and employment )law on U.K organisation.

· Health & Safety ( H&S).

· Employment

Employment including

1. Equality Act

2. Working time Directive

Impact of company on public and people if they don’t keep the law.




2. Texas Co. established the following overhead cost pools and cost drivers:

Budgeted    Estimated      Overhead Cost Pool Overhead  Cost Driver Cost Driver Level     Quality controls $780,000  # of inspections 26,000  inspections   Machine setups $720,000  # of setups 12,000  setups   Other overhead costs $900,000  # of machine hrs  50,000  machine hrs   Total overhead costs $2,400,000                     A recent order for sailboats used:           Quality inspections 750  inspections       Machine setups 500  setups       Machine hours (MHs) 2,400  machine hours

a.  What is the overhead rate per machine hour if the number of machine hours (MHs) is used as a single cost driver under traditional costing system?

b.  Utilizing traditional costing, how much overhead is assigned to the order  based on machine hours as a single cost driver?

c.  Utilizing ABC, how much total overhead is assigned to the order?

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