Introduction to Kinematics AGAIN!!

Algebra-H- Algebra Woo!!!

1. Convert 55 mph to yards per minute.

2. Convert 30 mps to kph.

3. Convert 400 mps to mph.

4. A car moving at 55 mph decorates at a rate of -10 feet per second for three
seconds. What is its final velocity after three seconds?

5. A girl is running at a rate of 8 kph. How many seconds will it take her to run 100

6. When an object is dropped, due to gravity, it falls at a rate of 9.8(t) mps (where t
is the length of time it is falling). If ]essie is a pilot of a plane, and she dares Dickey
to pick up a car and drop it from the plane while they fly 10,000 feet above the
ground at exactly the same time as Cam drops a marble from the plane, which one
would reach the ground first? Explain your answer.

7. How long will it take the car to reach the ground in number six?

8. How long will it take the marble to reach the ground in number six?

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