Journal Article Review

The aim of this assessment is to build your capacity to identify, gather, summarise and reference academic research papers related to the discipline of Management. These are considered core skills required for the effective academic study of management and related disciplines in this and any future postgraduate course.

To complete the Journal Article Review, you will need to find SIX (6) academic journal publications relevant to any of the management fields. It is recommended that you use the ProQuest database (available on the UTAS Library webpage) or any other database to find SIX (6) academic journal articles relating to the management themes addressed in the unit outline. These articles MUST come from at least THREE (3) different journals. The year of publication of each journal article should be between 2010 and 2018.

You must correctly reference the academic journal publications using the Harvard Referencing Guidelines (available at: to guide your in-text and full reference citations.

Then describe the focus and relevance of EACH academic journal publication in relation to the management discipline. You need to clearly explain:

(a) the focus of the academic journal article; (b) the major finding of the academic journal article, and;

(c) the usefulness of the academic journal article, particularly the findings to the management discipline (specifying the specific theme in the unit outline).

You must submit an electronic copy only (on MyLO) of your explanations (see above) plus a copy of each of the SIX (6) journal articles selected.

Note: This review assignment must be presented in an essay format. The marking rubric will consider every dimension of an essay.



Measures Intended Learning Outcome:


A Rubric will be provided to each student

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