It’s about a start-up, iChallenge

It’s about a start-up, iChallenge. All necessary info can be found in add. materials w/ iChallenge.

am providing a sample business plan done for another start-up, just to be an example of what I expect to be done. In my BP, I want the same parts as seen in the table of contents of the sample BP. So, it should contain the sections below:
1. Cover Page
2. Executive Summary
3. Table of Contents
4. Industry Analysis
5. Opportunity Definition
6. Business Model Canvas: 1) Value prop, including features and benefits, 2) customer segments, 3) customer relationships (i.e., marketing plan), 4) channels, 5) revenue model, 6) cost structure, 7) key activities, 8) key resources, and 9) key partners.
7. Team Members’ Bio
8. Financial Plan
9. Milestones
10. Critical Risks
11. Attachment of the Business Model Canvas
The clarity and the accuracy of executive summary, industry analysis, opportunity definition and business model canvas are highly important.
For the financial planning, you can benefit from the template I send. Pro forma financial statements should be for 24 months. You can take 2-month intervals as in the template.

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