International Human Rights Law

Order Description
‘In the case of stateless people, the state’s prerogative of determining formal membership is often at odds with the protection of human rights in practice. Indeed, the very notion of statelessness exposes the essential weaknesses of the global political system, which relies on the state to act as the principal guarantor of human rights’. (Blitz and Lynch)
Critically discuss this statement.

Assessment criteria
• The extent to which the assignment brief has been met
• The range and relevance of the sources used
• The ability to construct and defend a reasoned argument
• The ability to apply critical analysis
• The ability to synthesise theory, policy and practice
• The understanding of current issues and debates in the field
• The ability to put knowledge of theory into practice
• The ability to organise materials and write with clarity and precision
• The ability to act independently in planning, undertaking and delivering the tasks set
• The ability to carry out independent research on international human rights law using available resources
• The ability to produce appropriately presented work, including fully and correctly referenced sources and a complete and correctly presented bibliography.

Word Limits: 4,000 words, including footnotes but excluding bibliography

the OSCOLA style of referencing should be consistent

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