Information Systems

  1. Compare the four items related to channel capacity: data rate, bandwidth, noise, and error rate. Determine the most important and justify its significance over the remaining items.Describe real-world examples of attenuation and white noise. Examine the effect on the information-carrying capacity of the link and present a way to avoid these types of interruptions.
  2. Justify the circumstances in a business situation in which you would use GEOS, LEOS, and MEOS.Discuss the business applications currently being used to support VSAT.
  3. PowerPoint PresentationImagine you are the chief information officer (CIO) for your local healthcare organization. Your board of directors is very interested about the activities you manage on a daily basis. They sent a list of questions they would like you to present on during the upcoming board meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening.


    Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation that covers the following components:


    • Slide 1.title slide



    • Slide and contrast the varying filing systems (one-two slides)



    • Slide 3.identify and describe three types of computer storage systems (one slide)



    • Slide 4.explain when it is acceptable to destroy a medical record (one slide)



    • Slide 5.explain when it is not acceptable to destroy a medical record (one slide)



    • Slide 6.explain why a medical record must be retained for your healthcare organization (one slide)



    • Slide 7.describe disaster planning and two different events your department should plan for (one-two slides)



    • Slide 8.develop a conclusion slide, and


    • Slide 9.include a reference slide with at least one outside source, not counting the textbook, in APA format

    Course Book: Davis, N., & LaCour, M. (2014). Health information technology (3rd ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders.


  4. Extra Credit Physical SecurityAs society has witnessed an increase in school shootings. Use what you have learned throughout this course and apply it towards “providing security to education facilities”.


    You were hired to conduct a security analysis and write a report to the local board of education.  The report will be used before the new school year and most likely will either make or break your career in Physical Security.

    Zero Points if it does not meet the following:

    Must be in proper APA


  5. Text File Processing” Please respond to the following:

    Visual Basic provides libraries that allow data to be read from a text file into a program. Once the data is read from the file, it can be processed in a number ways. Assume you are a developer working for a small retail company. You have been asked to develop a Visual Basic application that reads product information from a file and generates a report. The input file contains many lines of product data: Each line contains product identification, name, price, and quantity. Explain the process you would use to generate the report.

    A program that requires data from a text file will fail if there is a problem with the text file: file may not be accessible, file may be empty, or there may not be enough system memory to process the file. What would you do in your program to avoid these pitfalls when working with text file in your program?

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