information from the textbooks or other sources not covered in class is not acceptable. Performance Management

information from the textbooks or other sources not covered in class is not acceptable.
Performance Management
2nd ed. Robert Bacal. 2012
ISBN: 987-0-07-177225-9

• The Coaching Manager, Developing Top Talent In Business.
2nd ed. J. Hunt, & J. Weintraub. 2011.
Sage Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4129-7776-0

• The Feedback Tool Kit – 16 Tools for Better Communication in the Workplace, 2nd Ed.
Rick Mauer, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, 2011. A Productivity Press Book.
ISBN: unknown

• For each class identify what you believe are the three most critical learning points covered

in that class (you may identify more than three, but you are to document the three most critical in your judgment).

• This means that you will generate 39 Critical Learning points over the 13 weeks. During your week 14 class you must also answer the last question
Document your learning’s including the following items:
Three Learning Points For Each Class (Each of the 39 Learning Points is valued at 2 points)
– Not what you have read, but rather what you learned in class from Instructor presentations,
classmate presentations, guest speaker presentations, and class discussions.
Present using an Excel Spreadsheet with the following columns:
Week; Class Date; The Learning Point; Why Explanation; Specific Source(s)
• Class Date
• The three most critical learning points. (Note: state your key learning in no more than two
sentences – be concise and to the point)
• Explain why this is a critical learning point? Give your reasoning – What is it that makes
this point a critical learning point in relation to our course objectives.
MGMT 4440_6730 SP16F Final Exam Part I V.
• Cite your specific source(s) for each point
• Note: If these elements are not included, no credit will be given
Comments: Some students simply supply a bullet point list – without providing the required
information – doing so is of no value and no grade will be granted.
take notes in each class and then following class prepare your three learning points – if you wait
until your
Your Final Question (Valued at 22 Points): Consider all 39 of the Key Learning points you have
identified throughout the course – Which of these do you believe is the most critical for your
learning in regard to Performance Management? Why? What is your basis for that
decision? Finally, How will you apply that learning as you move forward in your career?

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