In the report you need to provide the following information:

You are a brand manager of a brand of your choice. You have been asked to write a report for EON production’s next James Bond film set for release in 2017, explaining why the brand or brand portfolio you are responsible for would be suitable for brand p

1. A brief analysis of the external environment and why you wish to be a part of the Bond brandscape (i.e. it is going to be an expensive strategy so what is your motivation?)
2. Explain how this co-branding opportunity would be of benefit both for your brand and for the Bond brand (i.e. discuss the fit between them). There should be some consideration of how you want your brand presented in the film (e.g. visual/aural placement? How long will it be on screen? Who will use it? Is it integral to the plot?).
3. Explain the brand placement strategy you suggest adopting (i.e. are you going to cross-advertise the film? Are you going to put it on the product packaging? Use of social media? Competitions? Etc.)

Each question above carries equal marks. A thorough analysis of the background of your brand (e.g. what is the USP? Who is the brand targeting? How does it position itself relative to competitors? Etc.) will help you to answer these questions.

You should access marketing-specific journals (e.g. Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Macromarketing, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Culture) to provide theoretical support for ALL your suggestions.

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